Who are the pirates ???

Lets take a look, today look in the mirror and ask yourself “Am I a Pirate?” Did you wake up and adjust your eye patch? Do you sail the high seas in search of plunder?

Funny enough I don’t look like one, however lets discuss this with and open mind.

Piracy is the enrichment of ones self through plunder or robbery of another’s personal property or Riches. Now its time to be brutally honest what your doing right now as you are reading this article is a self enriching action by plunder of another’s property, much like what I am doing while writing this article is the same so in this sense you and I are pirates.

However various reasons exist that I use to Justify my actions, one being I am about as broke as a damn glass on concrete. I get paid by-weekly, I pay bills then I obsesses about where the hell my money could have gone. Therefore to make worthy purchases I feel its not good enough just taking a handout, I need to see what I am buying. This is also a common attitude among most downloader’s.
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