Why eXeem shouldn’t be replacing our bittorrent clients

However, Suprnova closed only after a number of other Bittorrent sites had closed, and it is in this article that we will examine exactly what the reason for the closure of Suprnova was, and will look into the history and existence of eXeem, the new Suprnova application. The majority of torrent sites that were closed were Bittorrent trackers, hosts of the servers that work like the Napster servers used to and are required for downloads to work. Suprnova, on the other hand, was merely a link site, it didn’t host a tracker itself, and so any legal argument against it would be difficult to use in court. As such, it is unlikely that Suprnova was legally attacked by the MPAA. So, why was Suprnova closed? The website now advertises eXeem, and eXeem was hyped prior to the closure of Suprnova. Is it not possible that the closure of Suprnova was as much to do with eXeem as the MPAA? Didn’t the developers perhaps wait until a large number of other torrent websites were closed down in order to remove suspicion?
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