Senate OKs Anti-Piracy Measure

WASHINGTON (Hollywood Reporter) – The third time could be the charm for legislation that would make it a federal crime to camcord a movie and would protect the manufacturers of players that edit out purportedly offensive content from movies. Although the Senate late Tuesday approved the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act (FECA) of 2005 — a package of copyright bills — for the first time in the 109th Congress, it twice passed the legislation in the 108th only to see it die at the end in a squabble over unrelated legislation. Included in FECA is the camcorder legislation, the Family Movie Act and legislation designed to make it easier for law-enforcement officials to combat the growing problem of music and movies being distributed on file-sharing networks and circulating on the Internet before they are released. FECA also contains a measure to reauthorize an existing program for the preservation of historically and culturally significant films.