Piracy protection for Nintendo DS

HE Nintendo DS portable games console will feature locally developed software that allows players to wirelessly share a game without downloading a permanent copy to other machines. The software, RSA BSAFE, will be included in the console, which debuts on February 24. The encryption software, developed at RSA Security’s Brisbane Development Centre, protects games as they are played and shared across wireless links.

The software locks content so it cannot be illegally copied from the original cartridge or disk.

Games software downloaded by other players during a session was erased as soon as the console was closed, according to a Nintendo Australia spokeswoman.

“This protects Nintendo and our games development partners from piracy. “It does not have any adverse effect on consumers, nor on the play experience.” The player with a DS version of Super Mario, for example, simply loads the cartridge into the console and then seeks other DS users in the neighbourhood to join the game.

“They come along and decide to play, tap into it, and then play against each other,” she said.

“As soon as they shut their machine, they don’t have the game any more. It’s securely held on the cartridge owned by the first player.”
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