US ‘loses $17bn dollars to piracy’

US copyright industries lost at least $US13.4 billion ($17.1 billion) to piracy in 2004, not counting illegal Internet copies, a business organisation said today. The International Intellectual Property Alliance said US industries suffered the lion’s share of the estimated $US25 billion to $US30 billion in global losses from illegal copies of films, software, video games and other copyright industries. The IIPA traced the problems to poor enforcement in 67 countries and said it was urging US authorities to place 42 of those on “an appropriate” list for review and possible trade sanctions.

The IIPA report will be sent to the US Trade Representative’s office (USTR), which each year lists countries failing to provide adequate protection of copyrights.

The group, which includes the Motion Picture Association of America and organisations representing the music, book and software industries, said Russia, Pakistan and Ukraine were three main offenders for which action should be taken by Washington.,,10117,12216098-31037,00.html