No evidence against MP3 site: Counsel

The legal counsel for the operator of the controversial Web site claimed last week there was no evidence of direct music copyright infringement involving the site. During the closing statements in Friday on the trial against the operator and Internet service provider of mp3s4free over alleged copyright infringement issues, Stephen Cooper’s counsel Anthony Morris said that since there was no evidence, “there is simply no basis for concluding that there was any infringement of the Copyright Act to which Cooper was an accessory”. Morris added that all the links in the Web site that did not access other HTML on the site “were links to files at remote locations”.

“The links to other locations were links to files that had been submitted and automatically posted to the Web site with no necessary input on behalf of Cooper. The principal contents of the site comprised of links to other Web sites and files located on different servers….evidence clearly demonstrates that no music files were contained on Cooper’s Web site,” Morris said in his closing statement.

He maintained that the mp3s4free Web site “merely provided links to files contained on server computers at other locations.”
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