Monolithic Defacto2 / The Scene Archives Update

As the topic says we have a huge update for you guys today, so without futher ado .. * Added a new novelty feature, ‘This week in the scene’. It reveals some snippets of dated scene triva from the old days. * The site search is now better incorporated into Google and is box has received a facelift on the index page.

* The BBS screen captures page has been overhauled, with preview screen shots and added site information such as the site-ops and the affiliations.

* The site’s navigation has been streamlined and some extra navigational links have been added to all The Scene Archive pages, in a bid to the site easier to use. (note there is some CSS problems with Internet Explorer that displays the font incorrectly, I recommend you use Firefox)

* The ISO image has been updated to incorporate all the recent updates to the site. Please note that if you already have downloaded the original image, there is no point wasting our bandwidth to obtain this one. It would be quicker for you to obtain the missing files from the site directly, all the changes and updates are now listed on the ISO download page.

* The NFO utilities page has been updated with some new programs added and some others updated.

Scooby Snack Magazine 2* Two missing magazine issues, Scooby Snack #1 and Scooby Snack #2 have been sent to us and are now online. We are still looking for numbers 3 and 6 though.

* The cracktros application has been given refit. All the bugs and random database errors (especially in the Authors section) have been corrected.
* The layouts of some of the information such as the Authors and the Groups have been streamlined and are now easier to work with.
* You can now display the cracktros by when they were published on the website, so you can see what has been added since your last visit.
* The cracktro screen shots are now centered into a 320 pixel width box with a black background to make them stand out and display better.

* Corrected the bugs and incorrect data entries in the Documents and text file database.
* The documents can now also be sorted by file type.
* 39 new documents, articles and text files have been added.
* The documents application has received a minor facelift, with graphical icons to display the document type and weather it is new. Plus most of the documents listed now display a minor brief of what is contained within.

* Added a new newsletter by the old 1989 group American Pirate Industries. Unfortunately we are missing a few issues still.

Class cracktro4 new cracktros have been added, you can see the screen shot to one of them on the right.

* Some of the old coded magazines use to include a text version of the magazine in the zip. We have decided to offer these text versions as a seperate download. This will enable the magazine’s content to be searchable by Google, or by your web browser.

* Replaced the Addrenalin #1 zip file that was corrupt with a working copy.

* The DOS help page has been updated and now offers the NPMOD32.DLL file which is required for some Windows cracktros.

* Mind Bender Warez Report aka The Warez Loop download links have been fixed.