New NFO pack, updated text reports and RSS updates

Okay we have another Scene Archives update, here it goes.. Viewing and downloading the text reports are now simpler, as we have removed the need to go throught the download.cfm applet. (basically means one click downloads) Added the complete Ionizer’s game review for individual download and updated the complete archive which now includes every issue. The reason the individual issues are now online is so they can be indexed and then searched through by web search engines such as google.

Added the near complete Netmonkey’s report for individual issue download.

Created a new NFO pack for download, it is the same 7,000+ NFO collection located on the ISO image. So if you have that, don’t bother downloading this.

Updated the RSS feed, it can now filter to only show TSN, Df2 or the complete feed.

RSS feed has been capped to only show the 20 most recent entries.