Drink Or Die ex-member to be extradited to US

A NSW man faces extradition to the United States on internet piracy charges after an appeal was rejected in the Federal Court today. Hew Raymond Griffiths, 42, of Bateau Bay on the Central Coast is accused in the US of being a ringleader of internet group DrinkOrDie, which illegally cracked security codes and reproduced software, games and music worth $US50 million ($71.6 million). He has been indicted by the US District Court on two charges under US copyright laws.

The full bench of the Federal Court today rejected Griffith’s eight grounds for appeal against extradition.
Sydney Morning Herald, http://www.smh.com.au/news/National/Central-Coast-man-faces-extradition-to-US/2005/03/10/1110417612703.html?oneclick=true