Drink or Die UK pair convicted of internet piracy

Two men who were part of a huge network of internet software pirates, known as Drink Or Die, have been convicted of conspiracy to defraud. Alex Bell, 32, of Grays, Essex, and Steven Dowd, 42, of Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside, were among 60 members of the Drink Or Die network arrested. They denied downloading software for profit after being arrested in a US-led operation and will be sentenced in May.

DOD members did not make any profit but police denied they were “Robin Hoods”.

They were among eight Britons arrested by the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit in December 2001.

‘Not Robin Hoods’

Det Con Kevin Brownless, one of those who led the inquiry in Britain, said it was wrong to think of DOD as “Robin Hoods”, stealing software from big corporations and distributing it free on the internet.
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