Defacto2 Tweaks

Okay we have tweaked a few things within The Scene Archives and added some new functionality. All text documents and text magazines can now be viewed and downloaded as PDF documents. This allows people which higher resolution monitors to read the documents, page by page. Rather then having to continously and tediously scroll down the page. Plus you can use with the document the advanced bookmarking, commenting and search functions that come with any Acrobat compatible reader. We have streamlined the headings of the pages so they take up less screen space.

The DOS help guide has been updated.

The Documents and Text Files application now has quick links at the top of the page to automatically scroll down to the category requested.

The Scene Portal now displays the way the document is sorted.

The Scene Portal now allows you to enable or disable the display of the webpage thumbnails. This by default is set to disable, and the setting is saved to a cookie.

Some of the webpage and application titles now display dynamic data to help make Google and other search engine results more meaningful.