RIAA cracks down on Internet2 file swapping

The Recording Industry Association of America said Tuesday it would file suit against students at 18 universities accused of trading files on the supercharged Internet2 network. The suits, to be filed Wednesday, are the first to focus on the next-generation research network operated by universities. The i2Hub file-swapping service has operated for a year on campuses that are connected to Internet2. Recording industry executives said i2Hub had become a serious problem over time as students believed they could not be observed trading files.

“i2Hub has been seen as a safe haven, and what we wanted to do was puncture that misconception,” said Cary Sherman, president of the RIAA. “This has been a subversion of the research purposes for which Internet2 was developed.”

The suits mark a substantial expansion of the record labels’ approach to universities, which have been a core location of the file-swapping population since the emergence of Napster in early 1999.

The RIAA has already sued the operators of university-based file-swapping networks on three campuses, and has consistently highlighted lawsuits at colleges as part of its larger campaign against music traders
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