RZR/DOD Operations

Greetings DF et al. Over the last few months, a disturbing correlation between various parties coming to interact with me and various other historic associates indicates that we’re all in for one hell of a new “life mission”. As of today, Letterman/Peabody is finishing training for large transport vessel operations, confused as hell, because US Army and related parties have taken him (hostage) for the simple process of training on ALL old and obsolete ships. All 300 of them. All slated for disposal within a year. His training (2 sections) finish at exactly 3 and 2 days per ship left until their mandated removal date.

I looked at those ships for a possible donation for an off-shore data centre back in the 1990s.

The Punnisher/The Punisher, was conveniently staged in my environment in LA last month for interactions, however all he knew was that DOJ and US ARMY had positioned him to bother me. I of course had no clue of this. He never figured out who I am.

There are a plethora of others.

Not to mention some other critical dates and prior court cases now served.

I express concern, as the plausibility of the global IC operations to pull off positioning all of us in a logistically unsound situation and/or forcing our transition to sinking ships, indicate a massive dilusion that any of us would even consider working in a hostage situation. (Trust me, I’ve been through such.)

Now, in addition to having previously made inquiries on said ships (just 1 at that time) and knowing full well the intellectual and ethical capacities of our community, it appears coherent that as of right now, we are being staged in interest of global national security to serve as psuedo-super-terrorists.

I’ll leave the topic open to speculation.

This message is for public release.

What better way to forward global ethics and intellectual rights and responsibilities than with the complete cover and support of the global antagonists?

-Wilfred L. Guerin


One thought on “RZR/DOD Operations

  1. You mean Pirate ships?
    either you are sick in the head or you appear to imply that some unknown “secret government” is trying to position people on effective pirate ships?

    in all jest, I think the american government would actually be stupid enough to try to pull that type of shit off…

    want to take me along?


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