BSA Data

According to BSA and correlated with information provide by the global judicial system, there are 1,500 Software Pirates on this planet worth a total of $33,000,000,000 USD per year. This means each individual is worth an excess of $16,000,000 USD a year, and for those of you just tagging along, an allocation of $1,600,000 USD is allocated just for your personal impact. Be proud that you are each worth more than the childrens’ educational system in your city and region per year. The value of your contribution to the education and enlightenment of humanity as a whole should be recognised. $33b/yr is more than $5.17$ per human on this planet at this current instant.


One thought on “BSA Data

  1. about other cunts
    How can anyone just put numbers on that? Where do they get them from? Riiight pulled out the ass hey? It’s all propaganda, these compagnies shouldn’t even exist. Wake up ffs. And no i don’t pirate applications or anything because, 1 i’m pretty happy with linux and all it’s free goodness. 2 the only other thing you would need a commercial os like windows is for games, and they don’t even intrest me in the slightest, if i want games i’ll go play football with my son. But all this doesn’t mean that all this stupid propaganda is really starting to get on my frekkin nerves. GET A REAL FUCKIN JOB ASSHOLES INSTEAD OF THRIVING ON GREY ZONE ACTIVITIES. If you bring something to the market you’d better be able to handle your own protection instead of letting dodgy organisations handle it. you can’t swim? too bad get out the frekkin pool or learn how to swim.

    *END RANT*


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