New Crack-intros, magazines and documents for the archive

Deviance installerWe have a good update today with a bit of variety. Firstly we have 17 new cracktros and installers. You can download the new files here. Then we have a number of new magazine issues thanks to the one time editor of Relativity magazine, MuadDib. We now offer the complete collection of Relativity, plus all the source code to every issue (which is now public domain). We also have a couple of new magazines series, Cybermail and Classic Old Warez. And we have missing issues for The Gamers Edge and Future Scene News. Also we have moved all the group and scene ‘web page archives’ from the documents section into the group repository. While in addition we have added some new text documents, including a couple of oldschool BBS number lists and the official document for ‘The Faction’.


One thought on “New Crack-intros, magazines and documents for the archive

  1. hurray its released !!!
    if you download relativity or its source, post something here in return.. aint that cheap 🙂



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