Old School Scene Archives Update!

If you are into old school then today your prays have been answered. Thanks to some kind people on a classic games IRC channels we have managed to obtain a heap of new pre-1995 cracktros, nfos, text files and installers. KGB cracktro The cracktros number nearly 50. They are all for DOS and some are over 19 years old, ancient when you are talking about the PC scene. We have also updated the group repository, it is now more intuitive, plus there are now 24 new groups added. They all pre-date 1992 with some going back to 1986! And while we were at it we also updated the information to a number existing groups. So we urge you to go check out some legendary groups like The Humble Guys, The Dream Team, TRSI, Five-0 and Public Enemy.

You may also have noticed we have added two new dialogs on the front page of the site. The first just shows some general statistics of what is being served. While the second is the ‘File Packs’ dialog. So from now on it will be easier for you to obtain all the newest file packs on offer and to see which ones have been recently updated. And if that wasn’t enough we also have added an File Pack RSS feed, just so you can be notified ASAP when one is updated.

Enjoy ..