Pitbull (fmr Razor 1911 leader) Talks About His Arrest & Jail Time

Shane “Pitbull” Pitman, the former Razor 1911 leader who was arrested in 2003 has gone public about his personal experiences of the past couple of years. In a public forum he talks about numerous topics including details about his arrest. Life while while in jail, his thoughts of his time active on the scene and even the idea of writing a book about his life with Razor 1911. The forum thread was done nearly a year ago and I am disappointed we did not find out about it until recently. But it comes out at 33 pages so instead of posting a direct link to the forum topic. We have filtered out all of Pitbull’s comments and responses and posted them on an easy to read Q&A formatted page.

“I was at work and my phone rang. It was an FBI agent telling me that they were at my house with a warrant and that I needed to come let them in immediately or they’d let themselves in via the boot to the door method. So, I drove home to find 7 or 8 FBI and US Customs vehicles in my driveway and yard. I had to pull in the yard because they had my driveway filled. As soon as my car stopped they surrounded it and as soon as I opened the door to step out one of them grabbed me and pinned me against the car and frisked me. They were all wearing their combat gear, tactical vests with FBI and CUSTOMS in big letters across the back. You’d have thought I was Saddam Hussein or something.”


One thought on “Pitbull (fmr Razor 1911 leader) Talks About His Arrest & Jail Time

  1. Wow!
    FBI sucks! Why they destroying the scene? Razor1911 was/is the BEST group ever!


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