Hackrat (former DOD) learns ‘Ignorance of the Law is no defense’

Hackrat a former Drink or Die member who was busted in the famous Operation Buccaneer of 2001 has since his release turned into an anti-warez, pro-education and eithics campainer. His site, NetMonkey has been up for a couple of years now. Here on the Internet, our modus operandion is to educate in a fun and interesting way, the virtues of Cyber Ethics. Relying on the experiences of former software pirates and hackers, Net Monkey attempts to spread the ethical ideals of what is right and wrong, the consequences of our actions, and how to legally enjoying the vast wealth of distributed content on the Internet (while staying out of prisonImage).

He has also done a recent interview with a university newspaper about his arrest, how he got involved and how he claims he was ignorant of his crimes.

“I had to find out the hard way. Copyright infringement IS a big deal. No one told me what I was doing was wrong. I didn’t think I was breaking the law. But I was and I’m paying the price. I tell every kid I meet: Ignorance of the law is no defense!”
Northern Iowan News, http://fp.uni.edu/northia/article2.asp?ID=4337&SECTION=1


One thought on “Hackrat (former DOD) learns ‘Ignorance of the Law is no defense’

  1. hm
    Sure he did not know that it was illegal, and i don’t see the point in making websites like these, why are the kids gonna care about it? Or even read anythin on that site? Kids do not think they’re gonna be the one getting caught, and they probably wont. And sceners who read stuff like this doesn’t care, once you get into the scene, you’re addicted.


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