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Deviance cracktro Firstly we have added a few more cracktros to the database as well as a number of Kaos installers. Thanks to all the people who uploaded these using our new upload form. Also we are pleased to announce that the databases we use have been given a tune-up. You should notice that once resource hungry areas of the site (such as browsing the cracktros) are now a lot quicker and more responsive. In addition we have down-converted all the cracktro screenshots to 8bit 256 colour PNG images. This will make them smaller and thus quicker to download. Finally our 3rd poll (‘What was your favourite scene game review publication?’) is closed. Not suprisingly won it easily while The Gamers Edge came in second. Surprisingly Ionizer’s The Game Review came in a dead last. Maybe most people are too young to remember it or maybe you guys simply are not fans of text based publications?

Anyway don’t forget to vote on our current poll, “Which would have been the best PC scene to be a part of during their heyday”?


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