US authorities are hunting accused Australian internet piracy kingpin Sean Patrick O’Toole after he failed to appear in an American court. US District Court Judge Amy St Eve issued a warrant for the arrest of the 26-year-old from Perth, who is facing a possible jail sentence for piracy. American authorities were unsure whether O’Toole is in Australia, the US or another part of the world and were examining border records to check if he has entered the US.

O’Toole’s American lawyer, Mary Cay Marubio, said she did not know where he was and was as surprised as prosecutors when he did not appear in court.

“He did not show up,” assistant US district attorney Pravin Rao, who is prosecuting the case, told AAP.
The Age, http://www.theage.com.au/news/World/US-hunts-accused-Aussie-internet-pirate/2006/02/23/1140563884153.html


One thought on “RISCISO Leader AWOL

  1. US Attorney’s Office 45 Page Indictment Against RISCISO
    You can read the complete 45 inditment here.

    It is an interesting read that isn’t full of legal mumbojumbo. It’s scary to see how much information they managed to obtain off these guys. No wonder O’Toole went awol.



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