Poll Results and New Site Features

A few site updates today, all technical though. Firstly we have updated our web feed applications. The new system is modular making it easier for us in the future to add new feeds or formats. The existing feed links will be automatically forwarded to the new urls, but we recommend that you update to the new links if your reader does not do this automatically. We hope the move does not inconvenience anyone. While we are on the topic of feeds, we have added a new cracktro feed. Now you can be informed as soon as a new tro is added to our database. Some basic information and a screen shot will also be included in the feed.

We have also felt it was about time someone made a proper list of scene related RSS feeds. So now on The Scene Portal we have done just that. Websites can not only have their URL listed but now can also have a link to their RSS and Atom feeds.

The broken NFo file pack links have now been fixed.

We have implemented a new anti-leech system. This should stop web sites directly linking to files on the server. If this system is causing anyone any problems please let us know so we can trouble shoot the problem.

Finally the last poll was closed. Which would have been the best PC scene to be apart of during their heyday? It was surprisingly very close, with both the current and the RIP scenes being neck and neck. Eventually though the rip scene won out. What seemed clear though was that not many people thought the period between 1999-2003 was all that exciting.