Defacto2 site gets a new look

Defacto2 logoYou may noticed there is something different about Defacto2 today. Yes we have finally given the site a much needed face lift. While cosmetically it is not all that different, underneath at the code level, everything has been rewritten from scratch. We basically converted what was a massive collection of various dynamic web pages and compiled them into web based applications. This means that in the future it will be a lot easier for us to add new features as well as to troubleshoot any bugs. The update also gave us a chance to redesign a number of the features, to hopefully make the site easier to use and faster. Of note is the crack-intro section and the on-line NFO browser, both redone. The group repository also now allows file filtering and sorts the groups in a more logical way.
We have also made the site XHTML 1.1 compliant, this means that under modern browsers there should be no random HTML quirks and the like. But to implement this code we had to drop legacy support for the older browsers. We have not tested the site with anything earlier then Internet Explorer 6 and to be honest we can’t imagine it working too well. Though at least the removal of the legacy HTML code speeds up the browsing a bit.

If you are curious, we have tested the site in Internet Explorer 6, Opera 9 and Firefox 1.5. While the site works fine in Internet Explorer 6 it does take longer to render, so if you haven’t considered updating maybe now is the time?

Hopefully you will all enjoy the new update to the site, and if you run into any problems, bugs (on supported browsers) or errors please let us know. Now that this code update is complete we can go back to updating the content and files of this site. Sorry to everyone who has submitted files and updates that remain unprocessed, we will implement them in the next few weeks.