Fairlight’s 20th Anniversary

Fairlight Come April next year the boys at Fairlight will be celebrating, for their group will have reached 20 years of age. And whats a better way to celebrate then by holding a party? Unfortunately because the party is limited to 100 places it will not be open to the general public, nor is it free. But those who are interested in attending can sign up at the party web site to reserve a spot. It will be held over a couple of nights in Cophenhagen, Denmark from June 1st till June 3rd.
This will be more of a social gathering rather then a traditional competitive party. So while there will still be limited C64, PC and Amiga demo competitions. They will have to be created before arriving, as guests are asked not to bring their own computers.

Of greatest interest to readers of Defacto2 will be the launch of the Fairlight DVDR.

Among other things we are working on a DVDR that will include the story and life of Fairlight, and will be released after the party, since it also will include 100s of pictures and video of the event. So if you got any questions about Fairlight, we are sure that this DVDR will give you the answer and more.
Fairlight, http://www.pensionistklubben.dk/flt20years/party.htm


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  1. That party will definitely kick ass. A lot of friends present there, i cant wait anymore 😉


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