Freax – The Art Album Is Now Out

freaxart coverThe guys who published the popular Freax – The Brief History of the Demo Scene are back with a new book, Freax – The Art Album. Unlike their earlier book, this is dedicated to pure eye candy. With over 1,600 pieces of scene art over 286 pages, all in full colour.
Included are ..
– Commodore 64 graphics
– Amiga OCS and AGA graphics
– ZX Spectrum graphics
– Atari ST and Falcon graphics
– Amstrad CPC graphics
– PC ANSI and ASCII graphics
– PC 8-bit oldschool graphics
– PC 24-bit newschool graphics
– Raytraced pictures
– Handdrawn Commodore 64 disk covers
– The infamous ‘Cracker Comics’ from the ’80s by Hobbit of Fairlight.

And any artist who has a piece of art publish in the book, can get a copy of the compilation for free.

Currently the book is only available from GO64 for 29,95 EUR but other resellers should be stocking it soon.


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  1. Freax Part2
    I’m hoping the part2 will be out soon, Part1 is a really nice book.


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