Steal This Film Part 1

A new video documentary on the rise of the social and political impact of illegal file sharing is now floating around the various Torrent sites near you. But unlike most films found there, this one is legal to redistribute and uses the P2P Torrent network to their advantage. Titled Steal This Film and running for just over 32 minutes. This wide screen DVD quality documentary is the first part of a greater series that intends to focus on piracy in general.
Part one covers the raid on the Swedish based web site, The Pirate Bay. The US governments involvement in the raid and the eventually political backlash that arose including the formation of a new Swedish political party, The Pirate Party.

Steal This Film

While I personally found at times the film dragged on for a little bit. And there were problems some with the various audio levels and synching. I did find it a worth while download and an interesting watch.

Though I do find it ironic that the more underground the pirate scene been forced into, the more mainstream the notion of digital piracy has become.
The League of Noble Peers,