Calling All The Old Schoolers

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The guys at Bitfellas are doing a recruitment drive at the moment, old style with a zipped up ascii invitation. Who are Bitfellas? Well it’s a scene community web site made up of many people from various scenes. Infact a couple of the administrators go all the way back to the early Commodore 64 cracking scene way back in 1982. Now that is old school!
BF is supposed to become a huge scene community offering extended and unique content next to the communication opportunities. Our intention is to offer something for the entire scene of all possible platforms, may it be oldschool or newschool.
Our intention is to bring people together, to discuss topics, to develop new ideas in order to make the scene a much better place. The content will contain various scene related material such as exclusively and reprinted articles from various scene magazines, party reports, interview section, tutorials, calendar service with all possible scene related dates you can’t afford to miss.
You see, this is far more than just another forum.

So if you are an old schooler lost in the myriad that is the world wide web. Looking for a place to catchup or to talk about the old days. Or even if your not so old school but are just interested in taking part in new and exciting scene based community (not talking about the current warez scene here) then join up.

I am personally a big fan of BitFellas and enjoy the fact it avoids a lot of the pointless bitching you find on other sites. It also has forums for nearly every platform in existance!

Don’t worry if you visit the page and are greeted by a login screen, registration is a painless process and you receive automatic access.


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