New Defacto2 Tweaks and Features

Well we have been doing a bit of work behind the scenes at Defacto2 in the past couple of months. Tweaking and featuring adding to the site and so we thought it was about time that we let all the readers know about our changes.

Firstly we have changed our site search function. Instead of results being redirecting to the Google homepage. Each query is now displayed from within the site. This gives you the familiar Defacto2 interface while still using the power of Google’s engine on the back end.

Digg Icon The Scene News articles now incorporate Digg It buttons. This means Digg It members can now easily submit or vote on articles and news reports posted on Defacto2.

The Group Repository has received a number of cosmetic updates. We tried to make the repository group file listings easier to browse through and use. In fact if you haven’t gone to the repository in the last few months you might by pleasantly surprised by the number of new groups that have since been added.

Another new feature added to the repository is the file timeline. This allows you to select a time period and display all the (dated) files hosted on our site, listed in a chronological order that matches the provided date range. Listed are artworks, nfo files, documents, magazines and other various files. Not only are file details displayed but we have also include entries of key scene events in the listings. So if you were looking for files released during a major event then this tool should be able to help out immensely.

Also located in the repository are some new archived web pages from the late 1990’s. Of interest is the lost Fairlight flash website that never made it into service and a few mirrors of earlier Defacto2 sites going back to 1998.

You may have also noticed we now list the newest added files on the main page. This is linked to a full application that not only allows you to see the 500 most recent file additions. You can also list file revisions and site additions and changes. Of cause we have also incorporated some new web feeds for use with the new files function.

YouTubeThe cracktros section has received some minor tweaking. We are now also in the process of video recording selected DOS cracktros that will be hosted on YouTube! We currently have 20 cracktros recorded and the videos are linked directly from the cracktro web page.

Finally we have also updated the File Submission page. It has been renamed to Wanted Files & User Submissions and now contains a listing of some of our more needed requests.