The Underground Gone Mainstream?

Intel DemoA couple of months ago Intel of Germany ran a small competition known as the Intel Demo Trailer Competition. Whereby various European demo groups were asked to create a trailer using one of 5 supplied musical tracks. The trailers were to be short and so the tunes were only 30 to 40 seconds in length. To keep things fair all the trailers were designed for the same hardware which in this case as an ASUS laptop using an Intel Centrino Duo CPU. The groups were giving about 10 weeks to complete this task for a December 1st deadline. Each of the snippet tracks were produced by DJ Hell, a name that would be familiar for anyone who is into electro or tech-house. He has been producing and remixing since the early 1990’s and first came to prominence during the electro-clash period of the mid to late 90s. He is the head of his own record label International Deejay Gigolo Records and has done famous dance-floor remixes for a variety of well and lesser-known artists.
The five finalists have recently been announced and their trailers are viewable online. The finalists include ASD from Greece, Conspiracy from Hungary, Farbrausch from Germany, MFX from Finland and Fairlight from the UK.

Not surprisingly that Fairlight has caught many of the online user votes and is currently in top position. On the Intel competition website there is even a little biography, a Fairlight logo and examples of their previous works. It’s interesting days indeed and personally I find it a little ironic. That a brand once synonymous with online software piracy is now being freely promoted by a large corporation such as Intel.