Former Fairlight Leader Turned Republican Chairman

Tony Krvaric
Last Thursday the leftist, sensationalist, US political blog The Raw Story had outed conservative San Diego Republican Chairman Tony Krvaric as one time scene member Strider. Strider is probably best known as one of two guys who co-founded Fairlight back in 1987 on the Commodore 64. Later in 1992, after being inspired by Ronald Ragan he migrated to the USA and for a short time continued the group’s activities on the PC.

Mr Krvaric has never shied away from his scene past. In 1993 he incorporated Fairlight Trading in California. He has used the strider alias with e-mail addresses and the Fairlight web domain for politicial campaigns. What did Mr Krvaric have to say about his recent expose?

Apparently there’s a hit piece floating around on me, ‘exposing’ my wild high school, teenage years where I was in a computer club where we swapped Commodore 64 games (similar to how kids swap mp3 music files these days). This was in the 80’s, on a computer that’s long since defunct!

This is not the first time the Internet has been used to attack Mr Krvaric. It was only 13 months ago when an online publication known as the Californian Christian News wrote an article accusing Mr Krvaric of being pro-American flag burning. They cited a 1995 public forum message board, quoting a reply apparently written by the Republican Chairman on the hot topic.

Now that everyone knows Strider’s current political stance and position with the Republican Party. The old Commodore 64 Fairlight tag, ‘kill a commie for mummy’ certainly takes on another meaning for many old schoolers.

The Raw Story,