Bandido of Drink or Die Fame Gives TV Interview

Hew Griffiths, aka Bandido of Drink or Die fame. The man was caught up in Operation Buccaneer back in 2001. Who spent many years fighting an extradition order to the US, for a crime that would not have warranted jail time in home country of Australia. Was release from a US Federal Prison in Virginia the earlier in the year. Hew has since returned home to Australia and has conducted a television interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Lateline current affairs program.

Under the guise of “Elder of Internet Piracy talks to Lateline”, Hew talks about his time in prison, his time as the leader of Drink or Die and why he thought the previous Australian federal government did nothing to help his case.

A transcript of the interview in full can be found at the ABC’s Lateline website, as can the video.