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Virus/Trojan warning! UPDATE: Some people have reported that the Trojan reports are false positives due to the way certain crack-tros are packed using combined compression and encryption. This is the same way these Trojans are often packaged. But still our advise on running them in an isolated environment stands.

The Maktone Cracktros and Installer pack contains a number of installers and cracktros originally designed for Windows 98. It has come to our attention that 5 files within this pack are infected with Adware Trojans.

  • – Trojan Vundo
  • – Backdoor.Bifrose
  • – Trojan Vundo
  • – Trojan Vundo
  • – Trojan Horse

Unfortunately this means these files have to be removed from the pack as they cannot be disinfected.

Also 21 cracktros and installers have been infected. These infected files can also be found in the Defacto2 ISO Collection 2007 and the The Scene Archive Cracktros Pack. A full list of the infected files can be found in this text document.

As always common sense dictates that you always run an up to date scan over any execute/program files contained in a download. Especially from a historical scene site such as ours where at the time of upload, the infection might not have been detected by the scanners of the era. While we do scan every file we put online, we do not often run periodic update scans on the files already on the server.

So we as always recommend that with any file you download from Defacto2. If it contains an execute or program file you should run with caution. We always suggest an isolated virtual environment such as Virtual PC, DOSBox, VirtualBox or VMware.


One thought on “Download Our Files With Care

  1. no need to remove these files, i have not checked them myself. But probably the only reason why your antivirus is alerting is because the executables are packed with exe packers.

    M/Scene 2008++


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