Defacto2 YouTube Video and Site Updates

I thought I would let you know of a few updates that we have recently introduced to Defacto2. Firstly you might have noticed the site’s

is slightly longer. We have added an extra 200 pixels to every page on the site to increase legibility. Also in the process is an upgrade to our YouTube account. Hopefully soon, where possible we will have every DOS crack and intro hosted as a ‘high quality’ on YouTube video. We are planning to also update the older low quality videos that were put on the channel a couple of years ago into high quality video.

Once this project is eventually complete the videos captures we have created will then be released as a crack-intro video pack. You will be able to download the pack from Defacto2 and play the videos using your favourite media player. This pack will also be included in an updated release of the Defacto2 ISO DVD image.

Finally we have added a new category to our webpage portal, ‘Legal Scene Torrents‘. Currently we have 5 entries but we hope this will be expanded at a later date.