Random Visitor Statistics for Defacto2

Today I thought I would do something different and list some of the more interesting statistics for defacto2.net in the past month. To give some idea of the type of users who visit this site and where you go. For web browsing, 62% of you use Firefox, 20% use Internet Explorer, 9% use Opera, 4% use Chrome and 2% use Safari.

91% use Windows, 5% use Linux, 3.5% run Macintosh machines.

22.7% use a screen resolution of 1280×1024, 19% use 1024×768, 15% are at 1680×1050 and 13% are at 1280×800.

A massive 81% of you have Adobe Flash 10 installed, the remainder have Flash 9 installed, while only 3.5% of you have no Flash plug-in at all.

84.46% have some form of Java support, with 15.5% having no support.

Speed wise, 34% of you are on DSL, 24% are on cable, 5% use a T1 line and fortunately only 3.7% still use dial-up, I feel for you guys.

22% of you come from the United States, 12% from Germany, 7% from Russia, 6% from Sweden.

The Japanese spend the most time on the site with an average visit of nearly 6 minutes, while the Indonesians spend the least with an average visit of only 27 seconds. The median visit is 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

Only 19% of traffic was direct, 40% of you were referred from other websites and another 41% were referred from search engine results.

The top five referring sites for past month were Wikipedia, the Russian site Softboard.ru, a blogspot.com item on our recent scene artpack, stumbleupon.com and aboutthescene.com.

Top search engines are Google with 96% of the referrals, Yahoo with 1.6%, Search with 0.8% and Microsoft Live with only 0.35%!

The most popular pages on the site were the front page with 21% of the total views. 2nd was the Defacto2 – NFO Utilities; 3rd the Razor 1911 group page at 3.1%; 4th the Scene Documents, text and NFO files page at 3% and 5th was the Reloaded group page at 2%.