Defacto2: New and Improved for 2011!

Finally after years of good intentions, 20 months of travelling distractions combined with numerous random work and personal distractions we can finally bring you the new and improved 2011 revision of Defacto2!

As mentioned this revision has been in the works for years and in fact it is probably the 4th attempt at this goal. Previous updates were abandoned due to interruptions and ill conceived over complex design choices that had led to unfortunate dead ends. Thankfully that was not the case with this current implementation where we applied the kiss philosophy otherwise known as keep-it-simple-stupid.

Browsing the Eagle Soft Corp page

So besides the obvious aesthetic changes what has been improved?

  • Defacto2 operates on a unified database that enables site wide searching and the grouping of files.
  • Simplified and fastened the site navigation that is located in a single position no matter where you are on the site.
  • Identified that the site is primary about the hosted files and we have reorganised the navigation and sections to reflect the most common ways users will look for resources; via authors, via organisations who create (such as art groups); organisations who publish (such as release groups). These are in addition to our traditional type-categories such as crack-intros, documents, nfos, etc.
  • Art & file navigation were inspired from well developed search engines such as Bing and Google. We have added helpful drilldown options for filtering files by platform or media type and categories. Example, here are all our nfo tools for windows, our collection of ANSI logos, our video downloads.
  • We decided there was no need to reinvent the wheel and so converted the old news section into a blog over at WordPress.
  • Integrated contemporary social media with accessible Twitter dialogs, Google+ buttons, Facebook like buttons for individual files and organisations.
    For usability we have incorporated key visual elements from the hosted files to the site including large thumbnails, preview captures, document captures, file_id.diz displays and live YouTube embedding. This detail page for an intro for Origin by SAE is a good example of these features in use.
  • File detail pages contain extra features such as the file md5 checksum; the listing of files and directories in archive packages; text, program and image content previews and a bug report submission form for user corrections.
  • Art & files now have expanded credits that support multiple writing, programming, art and music authors as seen in this publication from Affinity.
  • Programmed the site using common web standards with the goal of making it usable with non-traditional computing devices including touch tablets and smart phones.
  • A much improved upload and file submission system that now adds much more automation and speed to the file upload approval process. Users can provide their own screen captures and data for the submission.
  • A common help section that keeps all our in-house resources and how-to’s in a general area.
  • In-house site search that scans and pulls results directly from our database.
  • Site wide HTTPS support for encrypted browsing.
  • A liberal copyright license – Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported Licence.

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