Warez Scene Notice Collection (2006-2010)

Thanks to the efforts of Jason Scott the Warez Scene Notice Collection now has a permanent home on archive.org. You can download a copy of this horribly large 2GB RAR archived collection at http://www.archive.org/details/warez-scene-notices-2006-2010. The collection and others like it (LSD-notices etc.) has been floating around for over a year on various dubious distribution channels so it is great to see it has a more stable home.

The assortment of files contains a hoard of public and private scene notices mainly comprised of audio, video, images and text. To be honest there is not much from the underground scene in there and large tracks of the collection cover notices for foreign language groups, torrent sites, news groups, websites, p2p and the other trickle down distribution means.

It will probably become more of a historical interest in a decade or two.


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