Scene Persons and File Credits Are Now Interactive

I am happy to announce that the final piece of the revamped website is complete; the ‘People’ pages are now enabled. This new section contains the names of the people behind many of the files hosted and curated on the site. Not only are the credits now interactive but every person listed receives a dedicated site page listing all the files they have been accredited with.

These credits have been broken down into four sections, writers, coders, musicians and artists. The writer credits are not only given out to authors but also to interviewers and interviewees. While the artists category includes image creators, 3D programmers and font designers.

So far we have over 1,200 different people listed but the list is quite incomplete and likely to contain some typographical errors and duplications. Another potential problem is that many artists have used multiple aliases and even 2 letter initials rather than complete aliases when signing their works, which makes it too time consuming for us to accurately correlate the correct authorship for many files.

Persons are now also baked into our search engine, so if you do not feel like trawling through huge lists of aliases you can instead type an alias into the search dialogue.

Here are a couple of people pages to get started with.

The artist H20 who is known for his distinctive logos.

The programmer Hitchikr who has been the key figure behind some of the best scene crack-intros ever created on Windows.

The musician Maktone whose late 1990s tunes conjures up a slight nostalgia to a more naive scene.

The personality The Renegade Chemist, whose longwinded ramblings often instigated both distain and laughter in equal dosage.

The search results for the prolific programmer Hetero who has been going strong since the early 1990s.


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