MindCandy 3: PC Demos 2003-2010 Blu-Ray+DVD Is Available For Shipping This Week

MindCandy 3 takes these poetic programs of the computer world to the next level: Each of the demos has been optimized scene by scene or even rewritten just for MindCandy (thanks to ryg, Haujobb, Satori, Cubic Team) in order to achieve perfectly smooth 60 frames per second in a mind-blowing “better-than-realtime” visual quality on HD video. It will push the limits of your Blu-ray player and HD(TV) with its spectacular audio-visual effects. MindCandy 3 is a best-of-the-best look at what imaginative amateur programmers, musicians and graphic artists can do with an off-the-shelf personal computer. The demos produced are often shown at parties throughout Europe, and are created to push the PC to its limits while impressing the audience.

The included 3.5 hours playback of demos include…

The Popular Demo [Farbrausch],   Stargazer [Orb & Andromeda],   1995 [Kewlers & mfx],   Wir Sind Einstein [United Force & Digital Dynamite],   Iconoclast [ASD],   Masagin [Farbrausch & Neuro],   Ix [Moppi Productions],   Track One [Fairlight],   Lifeforce [ASD],   Final Audition [Plastic],   Size Antimatters [ASD],   Electric Kool-Aid [Synesthetics],   Theta [Farbrausch],   Deities [mfx],   Passing [Still],   Only One Wish [Fairlight & The Black Lotus],   Bombman [Matt Current],   Nazca [Cocoon],   You Should [Haujobb],   We Cell [Kewlers],   Faded Memories [Farbrausch],   Instant Zen [Synesthetics],   Onwards [Traction],   Metamorphosis [ASD],   Midnight Run [ASD],   Route 1066 [UKScene Allstars],   Agenda Circling Forth [CNCD & Fairlight],   Aether [mfx],   Ferner [Still],   The Beauty [Einklang.net & Extrawelt],   Inflorescence [mfx],   Vokawardoai [Satori],   Chromosphere [SQNY],   Debris [Farbrausch],   Rupture [ASD],   Frameranger [CNCD, Fairlight, & Orange],   Shad 3 [Cocoon],   Into The Pink [Plastic],   Happiness Is Around The Bend [ASD],   Rove [Farbrausch]

In addition the Blu-Ray disc exclusively contains 6.5 hours of extras including these demos …

Frameskool [Equinox],   Heaven Seven (in HD) [Exceed],   Chaos Theory [Conspiracy],   Panic Room [Fairlight],   Elevated [RGBA & TBC]

Both region-free Blu-Ray and DVD discs are sold together in a single package for the introductory price of €16 or around $22 USD. They can be bought from the 16 year-old German online retailer, MAZ Sound Tools. I imagine USA based sellers will be announced soon.



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