A Merry Bulletin Board System Christmas

Hey guys, here at Defacto2 we thought we would give you an early Christmas present by finally making public our collection of BBS files we have been sitting on for far too long. We are happy to give you nearly 1,600 new files to explore and play with. This new addition to our collection now increases our curated, public holdings by 45%!
Most of the files in this new collection are sourced worldwide from over 400 elite PC Bulletin Board Systems from the early 1990s. It was in a era when the BBS was at it’s peak and the underground art and demo scenes were just finding their footing including ACiD, Aces of Ansi Art, Bitchin Ansi Design, GRiM, Hype, iCE, LTDMirage, Superior Art Creations, Silicon Dream Artists.
So please explore this collection of ANSI art, coded adverts, session and screen captures to take a nostalgia trip back to the elite underground of 20 years ago!

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