A minor Defacto2 refresh

Today brings Defacto2.net a nice site-wide point release update. With a significant tweaking of both the back and the front ends we hope to improve your user experience by bring a more unified site-wide theme in addition to some critical bug corrections.

One of the major changes is the complete overhaul of the CSS implementation which is rebuilt from scratch and offers extra CSS 3 values. The CSS is now translated into the Javascript based LESS dynamic stylesheet extender which allows a more structured code with less redundancy.

The new CSS implementation supports tablets such as the IPad held in either landscape or portrait modes. For example if viewed in portrait mode the site’s font sizes will automatically upscale.

Site wide searching is fixed and is reworked to into something more useful. We have introduced more attractive search term highlighting as well as more flexible result filtering.

We have optimised some of the site features such as viewing a file’s details to better support wide-screen monitors. Whereby the text based file information will remain on the left pane while video and image previews will float on a right pane.

Anyway take a browse through when you get a chance and please let us know what you think.


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