Files, files and more files!

First of I just want to say thankyou to everyone who has submitted files over the past year or so. The site now preserves an additional 4,000 scene produced productions most of which were submitted by a few individuals, well done!

On the subject of scene productions I have received a portable hard drive from Scize which contained his 1.7 TB collection of original scene releases mostly from the 1990s. It’s sourced from a number of personal collections that he has exchanged with over the years. So there are bound to be duplicates and it will take a long time to go through. But needless to say the site will continue to receive updates for a long time to come! So thanks again to Scize for going out of his way to make this happen.

If you have a collection of original warez releases that you’d like to exchange or donate to Scize feel free to get in contact with him at He has a personal website listing much of that collection at

On the more technical side I have applied some software changes and updates to the server so should be more reliable and faster. These changes also introduced SPDY 1.3 over HTTPS support which gives a very noticeable improvement to the pages with lots of thumbnails. I have personally seen some load times cut by half. Eventually the site will transition over to HTTP2 which should offer similar results for modern browsers over a secure connection. Though next on the list of updates is probably a switch to the SQL database software.


2 thoughts on “Files, files and more files!

  1. Hello,

    very cool 🙂

    i am willing to talk with you, as i am a collector as well.

    how can i email you?

    best regards,


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